Center For Ocean Sciences Education Excellence COSEE California
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Materials for the 21st Century Classroom require the integration of cutting-edge science, teaching tools and methods to meet the immediate and future needs of students.

Three pilot projects - Mystery Detectives, Undersea Detectives and Brain Drain: Fishes - bring together key team members to create usable online learning tools to enhance public education, promote ocean sciences and address COSEE goals. Collaborators at San Diego Unified School District and Scripps Institution of Oceanography are key participants in creating and testing these projects. Resulting online learning tools are designed to develop capacity in individuals to utilize observational datasets, and address societal needs related to oceans, science, math, engineering and technology (SMET).


Homepage cover - Undersea Detectives
  • Mystery Detectives and Undersea Detectives are the web products that present inquiry-based online activities for middle and high school audiences. Each website is designed to hold multiple modules that are created by project collaborators working with different individual or small groups of teachers. Each module includes separate student and teacher components and includes student opportunities to access and analyze observational data. Modules are designed for use in conjunction with class activities or independently. Classroom technologies are coordinated with the technology facilitator at San Diego Unified School District. Complementary teacher professional development activities are coordinated with San Diego Unified School District and the research community at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Sample diagram - How seismic body waves travel through the Earth

Key participants in developing projects

  • Teachers - who craft and execute lessons related to modules; communicate student and teacher needs and preferences; and test online components in practice.
  • Online educational media designer - who crafts an online lesson that meets the needs of students, teachers, parents, scientists and educators; identifies and assembles external resources; and produces the online website and tools.
  • District technology facilitator - who has established, maintains and develops classroom technology resources; communicates district technology needs and preferences; and assists teachers in utilization of new technologies.
  • COSEE educational facilitator - who communicates COSEE ocean literacy, STEM, cyberinfrastructure and workforce needs and preferences; facilitates teacher participation and professional development events at school districts; and coordinates outreach resources at a scientific research institution.