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03.05.2012 - Achieve, Inc. will release a draft of the Next Generation Science Standards this March for public review and comments. We are contacting you on behalf of the Ocean Literacy Campaign to let you know that the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) represent an historic opportunity to advance the goal of improving public understanding of the vital role the ocean plays in all our lives. This is a matter of great economic, social and scientific importance to all Americans. Hundreds of scientists and educators nationwide have joined together in the Ocean Literacy Campaign to ensure that ocean concepts are part of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  MORE >>
02.27.2012 - The National Ocean Council recently released a draft implementation plan for President Obama's National Policy for Stewardship of the Ocean, Our Coasts and the Great Lakes. You can view the draft policy and submit comments at the NOP website. The public comment period is open until midnight EST, February 27, 2012 and ocean education topics are mainly on Pages 23-25. Action 6 on page 24 directly addresses Increasing Ocean Literacy. The first Milestone is: "Include ocean concepts in the Next Generation Science Standards." This is huge to have the President and the National Ocean Council calling for Ocean Literacy to be incorporated into the mainstream K-12 science curriculum.  MORE >>
10.05.2011 - This one-hour webinar was conducted on September 1, 2011, and covered topics including a recap of the Ocean Literacy Framework, the Next Generation Science Standards, resources such as the Ocean Sciences Curriculum Sequence, and an overview of the Ocean Literacy Web Site. Listen to ocean sciences educators discuss the latest direction for the Ocean Literacy Campaign.  MORE >>
08.08.2011 - This workshop at the University of California Berkeley's Lawrence Hall of Science is designed for scientist/science educator teams that are interested in team teaching the Communicating Ocean Sciences courses (COS-K12 &/or COSIA) for undergraduate &/or graduate science students.  MORE >>
05.12.2011 - Only One Ocean, the new Banana Slug String Band children's music CD that features 14 songs about Ocean Literacy, has just won a prestigious 2011 Parents' Choice Award. Only One Ocean is also getting a Starred Review in the upcoming School Library Journal, and it will be featured on the next Ocean Gazing Podcast from COSEE NOW (see The accolades for this new release keep pouring in. The CD is a major element of the Ocean Literacy Campaign, the grass-roots movement to increase public understanding of the importance of the ocean in our everyday lives and to the health of the planet. Lawrence Hall of Science/COSEE California led the partnership between the Banana Slugs and several ocean sciences education organizations that resulted in the CD.  MORE >>
05.06.2011 - The Ocean Science Sequence Curriculum for Grades 3-5 that was developed by COSEE California at the Lawrence Hall of Science and funded by NOAA's Environmental Literacy Grant is now published.  MORE >>
04.08.2011 - COSEE-West and COSEE-OS co-hosted this workshop, derived from the successful Graduate-Faculty Collaborative Workshop model developed by COSEE-OS, at the University of Southern California on April 1-5.  MORE >>
02.16.2011 - JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: COSEE Alaska Executive Director COSEE Alaska is seeking a full-time, professional executive director to lead a dynamic partnership between research, formal education and informal education organizations.  MORE >>
09.30.2010 - The Community Meeting will be held 3-4 November in Washington, DC. The meeting agenda, talking points, and email address to submit comments for the COSEE blog are now available. To view Vision Papers submitted for this meeting, click here.  MORE >>